A good education is the foundation for a better future...


What one loves in childhood, stays in the heart forever.

Happy Munchkins Pre-School first opened their doors in September 2017. To begin the journey, we started with two members of staff and four children. We had one dream- to create a vibrant, loving and fun experience for each family we care for. In November 2017, we received our very first enquiry and it is from then on that our dream soon started to become reality. We pride ourselves on being open and honest and we believe each child should be able to express themselves. We encourage confidence, strength and determination. Just over two years later, we now care for over twenty families each week, our team has more than doubled and our dreams are forever coming true.


Let them be little...

Each day can certainly be different at Happy Munchkins Pre-School  but there is something that is always present- smiling, happy children. 


Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine...

If you are looking for your child to: have fun, be loved, feel safe and learn skills for life, feel free to speak to us on 07548161582.